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Below there is a selection of links which we feel you may find helpful whilst learning to drive.

Pass Plus Insurance Companies

Consumer rights Act 2015 

 When buying a New or Used car. We have learned a lot about it this last year and dealerships don’t like to play ball and mess you around. Before you buy a new car make sure you:

  • 1) Know your consumer rights act 2015.
  • 2) Do not sign or part with any money until you have thoroughly tested it. Only your deposit. Use your credit card and don’t use cash.
  • 3) You have 30 days to reject the car if it is faulty once you take it home. E.g. if the engine is cutting out....
  • 4) As soon as you notice something is wrong get in touch with the dealership by email, calls, document and date everything you do and say.
  • 5) Make sure you pay the deposit by your credit card as it ties them into the contract as well and they will fight for you.
driving lessons in Bermondsey
driving lessons in Bermondsey