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Wheeler’s Driving School has been teaching driving lessons since 1984. 

We create a stress-free driving experience and honestly we want to help you pass first time or to improve your existing skills. Aiming to ensure that you will become a safe and competent driver for the roads ahead. 

We have taught over 1000+ pupils who have passed first time with us. They’ve expressed that joining our driving school amongst other schools in South East London was the right decision. Below they’ve shared their wonderful and honest reviews about their learning experiences with us. Feel free to read their feedback and we looking forward to meeting and teaching you to drive too!

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After parking up on my first lesson, Nesh turned to me & told me to stop dilly dallying & book my test! As soon as I heard that I knew I was dealing with a quality instructor. She took time to help me fine tune my manoeuvres, whilst constantly quizzing me on the highway code, making sure I was at test standard & reassuring me when I felt I had a bad lesson. Top class, highly recommended!!

A J Lewis

When it came to learning to drive, the best decision I made was choosing Wheeler’s and in particular choosing to drive with Nese. She not only made me feel comfortable and confident on the road she also made me feel like a friend. Nese really has the patient of a saint and even stayed calm when I would make stupid mistakes over and over again, she really helped bring out my confidence and by the time I was ready to sit my test I felt more like I was just driving a friend around not having an actual lesson. It may have taken a few attempts but I finally got there and to be honest as happy as I was about being able to drive I was actually gutted my lessons were over. If you’re looking for a great teacher then look no further.

Thanks for everything Nese x

Charlene Williams


I’d like to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent services of Wheelers driving school.

I was very fortunate to pass my test for the first time. Nesh had the patience of a saint assisting me with his techniques and boosting my confidence on the roads.

Her sheer determination is an attribute to the quality of the staff at this school.In regards to quality, Nesh always showed up in time for my lessons. She managed the time efficiently and I always felt that I learnt more after each lesson. I never felt that I was inundated with too much information. Driving skills and manoeuvres were carried out at a pace that I could manage. Nesh is an excellent tutor and very personable. In regards to the school I commend it highly and will recommend to others. Again I do appreciate everything. The price of the lessons is very reasonable, the cars are good quality and Nesh was an excellent tutor.

Evgeny Korchevtsev

WOW! I have just passed my Practical driving test, first time. Thank God and thanks to Nese. It took me a while before I could make a decision about choosing an instructor. After a long search on the internet, I got two people on my list. I gave the first guy a try (from one of the biggest guys) but I was a bit disappointed with his assessment. When Nese came, I decided to go with her because she was able pick a few things the other guy was not able to pick. As an experienced driver, she arranged a deal that was sweet able for me (inexpensive). When we were going foe the test, I was nervous and started making mistakes, but Nese kept on assuring me that everything is gonna be fine.



Hi Nese,

Here it is below! Thanks again for everything x

The need or want to drive wasn’t a big deal for me, living on a 24hour bus route and using the parental taxis made it easy for me to travel! But I decided to jump on the learner band wagon only to jump on and off over several years and hundreds of pounds lighter thanks to BSM……………….

So just before my 25th Birthday I decided to get in touch with Wheelers and asked for a woman driver this time – too many men messed me around before and thankfully I was blessed with Nese. Being a student teacher I have a no nonsense policy and so does she! Fully of praise when due but never lets silly mistakes just pass, Nese has patience, a bubbly personality and a knack to feel threatened of a wooden spoon! LOL Thankfully I never needed a beating.

If you need a reliable driving instructor Nese is you woman, she even changed pick up points to suit my lifestyle. I definitely felt as though I was important and not just a paycheck. The clio is a dream to drive and even though I didn’t pass my first time, Nese continued to push me and after my 2nd attempt I passed. I would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone that want to learn to drive but more importantly drive safely with common sense and awareness of hazards.

marinda berry

Hi, just passed my practical test today after having lessons with Dave!
I would like to give him and the school some praise for your customer feedback page on your website if possible: I started taking lessons with Dave at Wheelers after having poor driving lessons with another school. At 28 years of age, I was beginning to panic that I hadn’t sat my driving test, with nerves increasing as time went on. Dave made me feel very relaxed during each lesson and acted professionally throughout.
Dave was quick to identify bad habits I’d picked up and we dealt with these immediately with constructive feedback. From there I was able to develop my skills and build confidence towards sitting my test.
Dave’s feedback at the end of each lesson was excellent, clearly pointing out areas for improvement and offering lots of praise every time. I looked forward to each lesson and waited for the go-ahead from Dave to book my test without jumping beyond my skills.
As a result, I’ve passed at the first attempt! I would highly recommend Dave and Wheelers if you are looking around for driving lessons, even if you are a complete novice or have already had a few lessons.
He’s always on time (if not earlier!) to begin each lesson, with excellent value for money!
Many thanks Dave, keep up the good work!
Thanks to everyone at Wheelers,
Malcolm Gillespie

Malcolm Gillespie

Dear Nese,

As promised I am sending you my feedback. First off let me start by saying THANK YOU for being a GREAT driving instructor. I passed first time with 3 minors (02.09.2010) =DDD

I started driving lessons in 2008 with another driving school. Even though I had taken 20-30 lessons with this instructor I didn’t feel comfortable or confident with driving. The only reason why I stayed with him was because my brother had passed with him before. When the instructor told me I should book my test I didn’t feel I was ready and made the excuse of not having passed my theory to try and get out of driving all together. Two years later, I decided I wanted to take up driving again and took the time to scour driving schools all over south east London. Initially, I was going to go for the big driving schools, e.g. AA, BSM, but found that the lesson prices were too expensive. Wheelers were one of schools I had in mind that I had searched on Google. The prices were decent and the feedback from customers was a great help with my decision. So, I arranged to have a lesson with them.

I chose Nese because I wanted a woman instructor seeing as my first one was a grumpy, old man. I didn’t know what to expect and was thrilled that Nese is the person that she is. Talkative, funny and encouraging. Not once did she use the wooden spoon on me XD. During my first lesson with Nese, I told her about my previous experience with driving and how I had confidence issues with it. She immediately helped me work on it in our second lesson.

For the next few lessons I became more confident with driving and then the next thing I know Nese is telling me to book my driving practical test… @___@ But I did it anyway and it was something I could work towards. All together I took 13 lessons with Wheelers.

On the day of my test I was actually quite collected until waiting in the room but Nese was sitting there with me so my nerves were somewhat settled. After my test, Nese came out to hear that I had PASSED!!! (woowoo) Then it was time for the famous “picture-of-me-holding-blue-passed-certificate-infront-of the-car” time. A great moment. ^___^

So, I’ve pretty much told you my life story. I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND NESE AS A DRIVING INSTRUCTOR.

Anyways, I’m gonna go relax and not think about my university research project until tomorrow now =P. Again thank you Nese.

Take care, don’t miss me too much.

Regards, Mi Tran


When I first started to drive I learnt with Jeff in the Clio. I was really nervous at the start and my palms would get all sweaty because of how nervous I was, but Jeff made me feel comfortable and told me to relax when I was driving. I recommended him to all my friends and who wanted to learn to drive.
Jeff taught me all the basics I needed to know about a car and I started to enjoy driving and felt confident when I drove with him, I felt so confident I asked him if I could have a few lessons in the new Vauxhall Corsa because I like the look of the car, that’s when I met Nesh, she was teaching one of my friends to drive so I started to drive with her.
Nesh was a good driving instructor although I didn’t like the Corsa when I started to drive it. I liked Nesh so I stayed with her in the Corsa and the car grew on me. Nesh was like Jeff, she made you feel so comfortable and relaxed in the car and if I ever put myself down she would always reassure me that I was a good driver.
She taught me how to do all manoeuvres and perfect them to the best of my ability, that’s what I thought I was the worst on manoeuvres and was forever putting myself down about how crap I was on them, but Nesh would always shout at me because there was not much wrong with them, thanks to her helping me out so much with them that is.
I always had a laugh with Nesh on my driving lessons because of how bubbly she was and I’m glad I changed to Nesh because we would have so much fun on lessons and drive every where and I enjoyed it so much.
It took me a second time to pass my driving test and I beat myself up about failing the first time because it was such a silly mistake that made me fail and I just wanted to quit learning to drive, but Nesh pushed me to carry on and told me to book my test again, so I did and I passed with eight faults, thats thanks all to Nesh and Jeff because they gave me so much support on the day of the test which I needed and it helped me pass!
I will always be grateful to Jeff and especially Nesh for being so patient with me from the beginning till the end and I honestly don’t think I would have passed for a long ting with a different driving school, and will always recommend them to friends and family!
Helen Mailey

Helen Mailey

I would like to thank Jeff for all his help with teaching me to drive and passing my test for the first time. Jeff explains the driving skills and techniques in much detail and he is very thorough. Jeff helped me to relax and stay calm while learning to drive and he makes you feel comfortable. Jeff doesn’t ever let you say that you cannot do something when you can, because he knows you are capable of doing it. I passed my test because of the way Jeff is and I would recommend him to anybody or even Wheelers driving school as a whole one of my friends are already learning with them and others will too in time to come. Thanks Jeff for everything you have done and I am sure I will see you around.

Gemma x


I started to learn how to drive as soon as I could, which meant I had just turned 17. I had no idea about the workings of a car and so I started COMPLETELY from scratch. Nese gave me step-by-step instructions on how to do everything and didn’t seem to mind when I kept asking her questions about what I was doing. When my driving was good, it felt like the car was my own and Nese was my passenger, as she’d always sit there next to me talking about anything and everything! But when I was having a bad day, she became my instructor again and her guidance meant that I quickly regained control of the car. I always got encouragement and I looked forward to every lesson. I passed on my third test 10 months later, not because I wasn’t ready for the other two, but because my nerves got the better of me. I’m glad I learnt to drive with Wheeler’s and it now means that I am set for life! Thank you!








As a first time driver I was very nervous about the prospect of getting in the drivers seat. My mind was put at rest from the moment I called Wheelers to arrange some lessons. I was paired with the lovely Nese who really made me feel comfortable and at ease. As well as everything that I needed to know about driving, I was given much needed confidence.
I passed after two failed attempts, although Nese says that I shouldn’t count the 2nd time as I was really unwell on the day of the test. Although my confidence was slightly knocked Nese always gave me that boost I needed and motivation to carry on.
Since passing my test I don’t know how I ever managed without a car! I have recommended Wheelers to everyone I know that doesn’t drive. It is by far the best thing that I have ever done and I owe a very big THANKYOU!!!!! to Nese! I could never have done it without you MMmmmmwwwah X, Vicky


Hi Jeff,
Sorry about the delay, but as promised pleased find below some feedback on my time learning to drive with you/Wheelers to use on your website if you want… After 2 years of taking on and off lessons with the major driving schools, I was close to calling it a day when I came across an Wheeler’s website. After my first lesson with Jeff was over I could tell straight away that my experience was going to be nothing like I’d had with other schools. Jeff was always prompt to arrive to lessons, with a cheery smile and welcoming attitude, which made learning to drive a really pleasent experience. Unlike other schools, with Wheelers I was treated as an actual person, as opposed to just someone to fill an appointment slot. The attention to detail and the way in which I felt like I was actually learning to drive for life, not simply to pass a test, boosted my confidence way beyond expectation. I’d definately recommend you, thanks for all your help! Cheers,


Hi Jeff,
I had failed my test 3 times before starting with wheeler’s, I had started to accept that i was not going to ever pass,I had been with bsm and spend untold money and still got nowhere, Jeff was patient and always ready to jab me with his pen when I got lazy,lol,
He was a relaxed,no nonsense,down to earth driving instructor giving me confidence back again having faith in me when I went for my test even though I was nervous and I PASSED,
so thanks Jeff for having faith with me never giving up and being patient and teaching me to be a safe,confident driver.

Loria Lossa

loria lossa

A special thank you to Jeff – who got me from being a learner driver lacking in confidence but plenty of nerves, to passing my test – FIRST TIME! – and in three months.
Jeff’s teaching methods are different to other schools – he explains things with reasoning behind them – not just instruction (as other schools do) A much better method.
As test day approached, I began to doubt whether I would pass, but was reassured that I would. Even on the morning of the test, I was shaking, nerves hitting a 10 on a Richter Scale equivalent… but Jeff quickly put me at ease – enabling me to get through the test with relative calmness.
I would recommend Jeff and his team to anyone wanting to learn how to drive – and not just to pass the test – but to be a great driver. I’m already looking forward to the next phase in a few months- the Pass Plus.

Thanks again Jeff.


Hi Jeff Sorry about the delay, I had to spend a lot of the time in the office and couldn’t give you feedback.
First of all I’d like to say thank you for all your help and advice.
I wouldn’t have passed my test without your valuable guidance. Even being an “experience” driver, I was amazed how much I could learn with you.
You not only taught me how to pass the test, you taught me how to be a better and safer driver.
It is amazing how much I could learn. I highly recommend you!
The cars used in the lessons were great!
All the best


I didn’t get off to the best start with learning to drive…failing two tests prior to meeting with Jeff my confidence was gone and I had no hope in ever getting a driving licence.
However Jeff made me believe that I could achieve it and built my confidence back up. Jeff made me feel calm and in control of the car without being all over the place before hand!!
I am pleased to say that I now have a licence and that Wheelers driving school really helps you get there even when you have experienced bad experiences before!
Thank you for all your help!


I passed my test in July, (first attempt), after starting lessons with Jeff in April. After having a few lessons with 2 instructors from different schools, then giving up almost straight away (didn’t like the way they taught), I was wary of Jeff being the same.
However from the first lesson I felt confident driving and appreciated the much needed constructive criticism from Jeff. He picked out some really obvious faults I was making (which no-one else seemed to spot) and these were soon corrected and then he just built up my confidence by showing me different ways of achieving what I needed to do until I found a way I was comfortable with.
Even when I doubted myself, Jeff always told me I could do it and I guess he was right!
I would definitely recommend learning to drive with Jeff or any of the other instructors as Wheelers on a whole are really friendly, dedicated & professional.”


My first test with Jeff…. I PASSED!!! (And with only two minors!!!)
I can honestly honestly say that you would truly never meet someone as nervous as me! I would rather go to the dentist then take a driving test. After many instructors and many bad experiences, I wanted to drive more than ever but felt my confidence was shattered. ,br>On my first lesson with Jeff, my hands were shaking violently and I was a nervous wreck. Jeff initially allowed me to drive without too much guidance to get a feel for how I could drive at that point. He knew what my biggest problem was instantly. I had nothing but encouragement from Jeff straight from the offset (something that I never had before) and it was nice to know someone had faith in you. Even as I was walking in to the test centre I didn’t have total faith in myself but Jeff did.
As I was taking my test, Jeff’s handy hints and easy to remember tips literally just came to my mind and (I can’t believe I’m going to say this) the test was in fact easier than I thought! I didn’t just learn to drive for the test… I learnt to drive safely for life! I now have the confidence to do it alone! Believe me if I can do it…Anyone can! Sometimes you just need a good instructor like Jeff to give you the confidence you need.



I passed my test first time two weeks ago on May 2008 after learning with Jeff for only 4 months!!
I had lessons from a previous driving school called Lanes and I was so disappointed with their teaching methods I felt like I was cheated by them so I ended my lesson with them!
I was worried about finding another school that is reliable and professional, I found Wheelers school online and after having my first lesson with Jeff I was extremely confident that he can be trusted.
He really knew what he was talking about and he made driving so much easier than I can imagine. I felt really relaxed and safe when driving; he ensured that I learnt everything! I drove through all sorts of roads even the blackwall tunnel!! It was great that he had faith in me and encouraged me all the time.
I would recommend wheelers driving school to EVERYONE, they really know what they’re talking about and they are really friendly and down to earth people. I also had a few lesson with Nese and she was also great and lovely as well! I am still so ecstatic right now and I´m so grateful for everything they´ve done, I´m not a person to leave feedback and comments, but in this case I just really want all new learners to read this and believe me when I say “if you want to pass then wheelers is the road for you” hahah cheesy! Thanks a Millions!


I struggled with two different driving schools, only to find out that I was lacking the basic skills required to successfully pass my test.
When I first booked a lesson with Jeff I thought it would be another waste of money, but that impression was waved off after the first ten minutes, I had booked a set of ten lessons we did less than that.
His patience, determination and friendly attitude helped me to develop not only the skills required to pass the test but also to carry on and be a good driver.
His teachings are based on exactly what he would do himself.
The after care I also received surprised me, and it is still enjoyed up till date, thank you again for your advice on the sort of car I should get and for using your influence and notoriety for me to get a discount car You have been a blessing to me.

Ines Savane

Ines Savane

My name is Jerron Cragg and I´ve been using Wheeler´s for about two now.
Before I joined my driving was not very good and I had loads of bad habits, but after receiving expert training and advice from Wheeler´s my driving improved dramatically and it gave me the confidence and skill to drive safely.


Jerron Cragg

I started to learn to drive with Jeff the beginning of August, I chose to go with Jeff because he made me feel comfortable from the time i rang to find out about the school.
Jeff took the time to get to know me and what i was capable of and just improved on my bad habits as i had had lessons previously with other driving schools.
Jeff is a no-nonscence instructor what you see is what you get and he has his students best interests at heart, if your doing something silly and he knows your capable of doing it right you might end up with pen marks on your hand (or forehead).
If your not confident in any driving aspect he takes the time to go through it with you step by step which might seem tedious but it builds up your confidence and teaches you the correct way to do things.
Jeff does not just get you to a level to pass your test he teaches you the rules of the road that goes way beyond passing your test.
I passed my test in October and the best part of that was that Jeff had faith in me so i was a lot more relaxed than i would of been.



I began learning with Jeff since before he set up Wheeler´s as part of another driving school in a Vaxhall Corsa. While I was expecting my first lesson to be a straight on the roads trying my best not to destroy the vehicle type scenario, instead, Jeff spent the time with me simply introducing me to the vehicle and everything about it -in stationary, luckily for anyone else on the road that day, that pretty much sums up what learning with Jeff is all about though – I was never rushed into things throughout my learning experience with I feel overall has made me a more confident, safer driver and also brought me success in my driving test first time round.Driving lesson with Jeff was never dull. He´s light-hearted, funny and talkative, but is also very clearly dedicated to his pupils. His experience in the profession was also clear. He was quick to discover my weaknesses and problems could be solved within the same lesson. If not it was worked on in the future, but subtly enough that in some cases I didn´t even remember the mistake I made in the first place!

I switched to the current car, the Renault Clio about halfway through my learning, and it has certainly benefited my driving more than continuing in the Corsa. The more complex features and larger engine not only gave my learning the added element of dealing with a “real” car, but also introduced me to features that I would encounter in cars I would purchase in the future. I fell truly privileged to have learnt to drive with Jeff, and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone with a desire to take up the wheel.

Louise Reed

Louise Reed

I also began learning with Jeff in a Vauxhall Corsa but I much prefer the Renault Clio that he uses now, it´s very comfortable and once I had some driving experience we went onto a big dual carriageway so I could use all the little extras such as the cruise control. It took me three times to pass my test and I was worried that the lessons between the tests would be boring because I would be going over the same old thing but I couldn´t have been more wrong. The best thing about learning with Jeff is that he doesn´t teach you to pass the test he teaches you how to drive properly so now I feel confident about going out on the road alone. Once I knew the basics Jeff took my driving further so lessons were never boring.
I have already recommended Jeff to friends who want to learn to drive and I´m just about to start the pass plus course with him.

Hannah Ward

Hannah Ward

I started my driving lessons in November 2005 with Jeff. I felt very comfortable with him from the start.Jeff firstly went over all the things in the car that I needed to know, to get started.
I started at a very basic level, which suited me.
When Jeff felt I was ready to go on the roads safely, he took me on a different route every lesson, i.e. Elephant & Castle, Lewisham, Bromley, over Tower Bridge, South end and even Bracknell off the A3 ! So lessons were never boring, always a challenge of new roads which I will experience on my own.

Jeff has made me a very confident and safe driver making sure we covered every different change in weather so I could adjust to heavy rain, driving with the sun shining in my eyes and the difference between driving at night in the dark as opposed to day driving.

I passed my test in August 2006, and I also went on to take the Pass Plus.
And this is all thanks to Jeff and his patience.



I started to learn to drive with one of the “big” driving schools and was left lacking the basic skills and confidence necessary to be a safe and confident driver.Jeff took me back to basics and helped me find the confidence in myself to not just pass my test but drive safely and competently. Jeff´s patience, friendly nature, many teaching aids and ability to explain techniques in layman´s terms made learning to drive a pleasure.

I´d like to thank Jeff for his time and effort and would thoroughly recommend him to anyone.

Anthony Hill

Anthony Hill

Before I joined Wheeler´s Driving school I hated driving and thought that I´d never pass. I´d been ‘learning´ to drive since I was 17 years old and had had 100´s of lessons with one of the bigger, more well known driving schools, and had still managed to fail 5 times!I gave up driving for about a year and then in June this year, I felt it was time to try again as this was my last long holiday and my last chance to pass for a while. I changed driving schools and joined Wheeler´s. Jeff took me out on my first day and told me exactly what was wrong with my drive; he knew my faults, stored them in his brain and then worked on each of them one by one. He had his own unique way of solving my driving problems. The best thing is that one lesson is never the same as another, we drive to new and interesting places, do different things and if you don´t get things right first time, he tries something else to get you to understand, instead of just repeating it!
I had around 20 lessons with him and took my first test with him (6th one altogether!) and passed with just 4 minors! As Jeff says, he doesn´t just teach you to pass, he teaches you to drive and being taught by him makes you realize just how bad other instructor´s really can be! For the first time ever, I feel confident in a car and enjoy driving and I really can´t thank him enough, there´s no way I could´ve passed without him.



I started my lessons a while back but stopped and done my theory 1 year and half ago and passed.
Having only 6 months left before it expires I wanted to pass ASAP to save the hassle of revising for my theory again. I wanted to go with someone that was highly recommended so when I went with wheelers it was thru a strong recommendation. My instructor was Nesh but before that I had Dave and Martine but out of all three I say Nesh was the best =D v.patient and firm when needed to be. I felt comfortable while I was on lesson. I started to get better as I done double lessons and Nesh was so confident in me that she told me to book the test even though I felt I wasn’t ready, but tbh u will never feel 100% ready for a test.
I didn’t pass on my first go but I only had 6 minors while in lessons I had loads of minors but on test I could remember Nesh’s voice in my head telling me to look before I signal etc etc. I passed on 2nd go with 5minors which im so pleased about! I can honestly say that u will do well with wheelers.



Having failed an initial test in 2007 I felt I lacked confidence.
Unfortunatly I then injured myself playing football which led to me being more hesitant in regards to taking another test.
However, my sister encouraged me to it as my theory was going to run out in march ’09.
I decided to continue but I lost contact with my old instructor, my sister advised me to join Wheelers, who she was driving with also.
I was then paired up with Nesh who I immediately felt comfortable with, as her style of instructing suited me perfectly. My test was previously booked but Nese still agreed to take me.
This time ipassed with thanks to Nese and Wheelers driving school.

Lloyd Davis

Lloyd Davis

I would like to give a big thank you to Nesh for all her help and support for believing in me, even when times where hard she gave me words of encouragement and kept me going.
Wheelers are the best and I would recommend them and Nesh to the whole world.
Big, big, big thanks.


It’s been such a pleasure to learn with Wheelers especially with my instructor who was very to the point, very helpful, I strongly recommend Nesh at wheelers as a driving instructor.


I started learning to drive with Dave Miller, but felt I was not learning anything, and then I started learning with Wheelers and got Nesh who is a very friendly and patient person.
I felt comfortable with her. She is a very good instructor and I would recommend her to other people.
I failed my test first time and on my second test I felt more confident and passed.
Thanks Nesh



I passed my test on the 9/12/08.
I am really pleased.
Big thanks to Nesh she has been a good driving instructor, she taught very well.


I have spent almost £1,900 on driving lessons before I came to Wheelers Driving School.
Nesh was very patient, firm and tolerant as she helped re-build my confidence. I am certainly recommending Wheelers driving school for everyone that is serious about not just passing their test but becoming a good driver for a life time.
I passed my practical test the first time. All thanks to Nesh. Believe me, she’s worth every penny.
Now I can buy the car of my dream now. Thanks to you Nesh. You’re certainly the queen of the pack.


I ended up taking lessons with Nesh because I was let down by the AA right before my test.
She is a very good instructor who’s always patient, flexible, and friendly as well as flexible to your needs and is honest about your progress whilst always very motivating and confidence inspiring.
I have had both automatic and manual training with Nesh and would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to learn to drive in South East London.
Kate Hodgson

Kate Hodgson

I was very nervous when I first started driving with Wheelers and had already failed a few driving tests.
I started out driving with Jeff who was very friendly and patient and made me relax more in the car.
Later on I started driving with Nese in the Corsa, who was again very friendly and patient with me. My confidence really improved and Nese really helped me carry on with my driving even after the bad experiences I had failing tests with other driving schools.
I was ecstatic when I passed my test and don’t think I would have done it if it hadn’t been for Nese patience and persistence.
I have driven with other larger driving schools in the past but I really feel that Wheelers really care about helping their students to pass!!!
Many Thanks!!! Natascha


After two years of lessons in Birmingham and other instructors I finally passed with NESE. Whoop, Whoop.
After starting lessons in June 08 with Nese, the advice Nese gave me throughout our lessons was so helpful and imperative, the advice given to me will definitely stay with me throughout my driving career.
The support and flexibility was another good point especially with work commitments.
So if you’re reading this and are thinking about starting your lessons, get going with Wheelers
I’m off to buy a PORSCHE now


My girlfriend started driving with Nesh at Wheelers, she was always telling me how good Nesh was.
When i was ready to start my lessons i went with Wheelers straight away.
Nesh was a great help with my theory, i passed first time thanks to her great help.
I put my great driving down to nesh’s great teaching, now i can drive anywhere feeling safe.
When i was ready for my test Nesh told me to book it. When i took my test i passed first time with 7 faults all thanks to Nesh

Someones GF

I had 3 different driving schools. My 3rd choice was Wheelers, in which at first I was quite nervous.
But Nesh made me feel comfortable and I realised that she was a nice and chatty person.
As my lessons progressed, Nesh made me feel confident behind the wheel.
Even if I thought I was unable to some of the task Nesh helped me to understand. I found that Nesh was very helpful in helping me my pass test.


Thanks very much.
I would recommend Nese to other learners, she is a very good driving instructor.
It was the best experience that I ever had as a learner.
Thanks for all….Thank you very, very much.


I choose Wheelers because they look professional. Roberts was not professional because I couldn’t understand the instructor and their cars were crap. The first time I got into the with Nesh I felt calm and relaxed as she has a great sense of humour and she did not rush me. I had a great time doing my lessons and passed my test first time. I would recommend Wheelers and all my friends and anyone who is looking for a driving school, as they are great. Nesh also took me through tunnels and dual carriage ways so that I know how to do them safely and confidently.


I took it first time with Wheeler´s and WOW it was a pass. I thought I had what it took to pass the test but Nesh made me feel I wasn’t good enough. She paid attention to details, very thorough. Every manoeuvre was well rehearsed. Every penny paid was worth it. I will highly recommend Wheeler´s.


Today is the most happiest day of my life, because I just passed my driving test. It is the third time for me, and Nesh is my third driving instructor too. This time I felt much more confident. Nesh my driving instructor, she got me through this time. She is a very good driving instructor. We got on very well. Any way I would like to say thank you Nesh again and again. Thank you very, very much.
(Pae) Jaruwan Baker

(Pae) Jaruwan Baker

Nesh IS and ALWAYS will be a wonderful instructor!!!! She doesn’t apply pressure on you but she always see’s the potential in you and motivates you to do well.
There isn’t a driver-instructor mentality, she is there as a friend but a firm one that doesn’t allow you to get lazy or complacent. I have gone through four different driving schools in order to pass three days before my theory certificate expired, but Nesh got me through it and gave the confidence to succeed and pass my test! I would thoroughly recommend Nesh and Wheelers as a driving school as it is professional and down to Earth….come on look at how happy I look! I will be back to take my Pass Plus…..so I hope you have room for me.


I started my lessons with Wheelers in April 2007. My main motivation for driving was my daughter.
I learnt to drive with Nesh; she made me feel confident and comfortable with my driving.
I took my first test in November of 2007 and failed, I was miserable and disappointed, but Nesh encouraged me to stay positive and use it as a learning experience and to put in for my test again.
I passed my test two months later in January 2008.
Wheeler´s driving School has changed mine and my daughter’s life for ever and for that I will always be thankful and Nesh has given me the confidence I looked for and I am a happy confident driver.
Melissa Rey

Melissa Rey

My name is Mirela, and I Passed with Wheeler´s Driving School. I’ve tried other driving schools, but Nesh is the best instructor, because she brought back my confidence when I thought I lost it. I passed with 2 minor faults. My friend recommended me to Wheeler´s, and she was right. Now I can drive my husband´s car and feel comfortable, confident and safe, and not scared of other road users. I grateful to Nesh and Wheeler´s for all my life. So do not hesitate to call.


Well…….. Where do I start?
Yes at first I was a nervous, scared and clueless beginner. Thanks to Nese I passed my practical test first time. Nese helped boost my confidence, and gain all the skills and knowledge I needed in order for me to pass me test and become a safe driver, not like the other drivers out there.
I am so grateful, words cannot explain – and I thank you Nese so, so much for being my driving instructor and making me pass today! You are also a very funny and bubbly person, and not a miserable put – down. Even when I constantly continued to do the same mistakes with the clutch and handbrake, you would never lose your temper or shout at me, you would nicely correct me, or if not tap me with your wooden cooking spoon!

LOL… once again thanks Nese, hopefully im going to still see you driving about when I’m in my clio/corsa!
Thank you Mujgan


I first started my driving lessons with BSM, and had loads of trouble with them, so then I booked a lesson with wheelers and started with Jeff. He taught me how to drive in a safe and controlled way, after months of learning with Jeff he then put me with nese I was then with nese till the day I passed.
Both driving instructors made me feel very comfortable. When I made a mistake they told me I doing it wrong and corrected me. I failed 3 of my tests but nese always reassured me I will pass, so I kept at it and on my forth time I passed
THANK YOU. Jay Davis

Jay Davis

Well the young and beautiful Nesh got rid of all my bad habits with a particularly sharp pencil…..lol….
Luv you Nesh thanks a lot.


Best Driving School in the world, I’m 40 and never thought I’d drive.
Ness you´re a star.
Phil Anderson

Phil Anderson

I found Nese to be a very friendly and supportive instructor.
I found that the feedback she gave me after lessons helped me to iron out my faults and make be a better and more confident driver. I would recommend Nese to other learners of all abilities and am sure she can help them to pass as she did for me.
Matthew Froude

Matthew Froude

To Dave, and all at Wheelers Driving School. Many, many thanks for getting me through my driving test, and special thanks for Dave for being so patient, and putting up with me and my nerves!
If anyone is looking to learn, I’d recommend you Dave
Take care and best wishes for the future
Michael Craske

Michael craske

Before I started my lessons with Dave, I was with other driving schools which I felt as if I was not progressing enough, it felt like they were just taking my money.
So my brother said try Wheeler´s as they were very good and he passed first time.
I felt very comfortable with Dave from the start. My learning improved after my first lesson, I felt I learnt more and didn’t get bored of driving. I passed my test with only five faults.
Thanks to Wheeler´s, Dave and Nesh for all there help.
Cheers! Sabah xxx


I passed my driving test on the 11th September 2008 and I can honestly say it was the best day of my life.
I had started lessons with another well known driving school in the area and compared to Dave at Wheeler´s they were rubbish. Dave is the most hard working, loyal patient instructor I´ve ever had, and he gives 100% when teaching, he is always on time and professional and makes you believe in yourself.
So if anyone is wanting to learn to drive I recommend Dave as he was a pleasure to have as an instructor.
Love Hollie xxx


I just wanted to pass on my thanks to Gary, who was my instructor, and thanks to him,
I passed my test this Monday morning, on my first attempt! I found him to be very professional throughout the whole course, and he worked to a level and style that suited me so I could learn quicker and more easily.
He was very understanding during all my difficulties, and very supportive when it came to other drivers causing problems (as they very often do!).
Overall, he was great, and the reason I can now say I hold my full drivers license. He definitely deserves a huge amount of praise (and a huge raise I’m sure!). I hope you can pass on my thanks, I’d highly recommend him to other new drivers.


My name is Natalie, and I am a driver!! Yeay!
Gary has taught me everything I know (and a few things I didn’t strictly need to know thanks mate)
He’s a funny, relaxed guy and always made me feel very comfortable. I noticed how important this was when he was on holiday and I went with one of the big companies for a few lessons and I was terrified the whole time!!
Gary doesn’t drill routines or instructions into you, and isn’t sitting there with a checklist. I think he just waits until he feels safe in the car with you, and then sends you for your test!
He’s also really flexible and doesn’t get frustrated if you don’t get it: I didn’t understand reverse parking, could not do it to save my life, and he came up with seven different ways to teach me.
In the end we found one that suited me, and I can now park within a fag paper’s width from the curb (his words!)
Thanks Gary, you’re the best
Natalie x
PS. If before your test he tells you you’re definitely not going to be asked to do an emergency stop don’t believe him!!


My name is Nicholas a newly qualified driver.
What can I say to my learner friends; everybody can jump to the steering wheel to drive but how many drives with perfection not even talking about passing their practical test.
When I was a learner, I joined the big instructor companies but did not pass my test. I nearly gave up but said to myself quitters don’t win.
A friend introduced me to “WHEELERS” and surprise surprise I had few lessons with them but my instructor Gary, used one lesson to note all my weakness.
Every lesson I had with him he assessed me as if it was a real test and thanks to him I PASSED PASSED PASSED
If you don’t want to waste money and time join the Instructors with patience dedication. Stop listening to “you can have cigarette break, sorry I will be late today or cannot make it and lets save for tomorrow”
Join the WHEELERS.
All the best, Nicholas


Hi Gary,
Just to say thanks for getting me through my test and more importantly, teaching me to drive; having spent more than 60 hours with a very well known driving school (of which I shall not name), I had lost all confidence; so it was refreshing to learn that contrary to belief, my previous instructor was actually at fault and it had very little to do with my ability to learn, as given the right instruction, 20 lessons later, I applied for my second test and passed with flying colours; my only regret is that I didn’t start with Gary in the first place, as money and time was wasted on an individual who drip fed information and quite literally took me for a ride;
Gary wasted no time in steering me in the right direction and from the outset made it clear what skills were missing; he was focused and precise and genuinely took pride in his job;
I have no reservations in recommending him to other would be students, I can only hope they take this advice and avoid the other two companies, (you know who they are!).
Gary will teach you to drive and at your own pace, he is not, like so many others, simply trying to drag out the lessons to keep a consistent income, but because of this you may, as I did, have to wait to book as he does prove popular.
Carmen Harris

Carmen Harris

I started my driving Journey back in January 2008, with a bigger company, after a month or so I uncounted many problems and was left high and dry when the instructor at the time decided to go on holiday for a few months. I tried to get another instructor to suit my needs but was told end of April was the earliest I could get someone.

So I decided to leave and search for a new driving school, A week went by with many hours spend ringing number in the yellow pages and searching schools on the Internet. Then on Thursday evening I was about to give up hope and I came across this website, Which was well designed and got my Interest Straight away. It was late in the evening so I decided to email the company hoping at long last to have found a new school to restart my driving experience again.
The next evening I got home and I found a reply stating to contact the school and arrangements could be made, so I did and I was so impressed I even was able to get a driving lesson that weekend.
So Sunday morning came about and there was the Wheelers driving school car and the instructor Gary. I have to mention I was completely nervous and worried as the previous driving school instructor never give me much of a chance or confidence to improve my skills. After the meet and greet part with Gary I felt well at ease and relaxed. Gary spend the time and energy I needed to regain my confidence in my ability to drive.
I found Gary to be a great help but I have to say in the end I didn’t see Gary just as an instructor But as a new found friend. Wheelers are a lucky company to have such a great outgoing, easy going, and confidence boosting instructor, Never showed signs of getting worked up even when most of the lessons I managed to shall the car at least once. So instead of getting worked up, he tried different technique’s and in the end we found one that suited me.
Now I’ve passed and what a great feeling that is!!. I own it all to Gary and the confidence he gave me. Lessons were never boring, Always a different route and different Manoeuvres every week. To sum up Gary is a credit to the profession and too the company he works for.
Thanks Gary for all your hard work and energy u put in and good thank you for the future


driving lessons in Bermondsey
driving lessons in Bermondsey