Our lessons are based on 60 minutes of tuition but sometimes will run over for which there will be NO additional cost. We feel 60 minute lessons are better as it helps you absorb all the information given.

The DVSA recommend an average of 60hrs of tuition, however this differs from person to person, as each person learns differently.


The practical test lasts about 35-40 minutes.

For more information about the practical test, click here.

The current costs are as follows:

The fee is: £62.00

For evenings (after 16:30) and weekends: £75.00

Extended Test Fees (for disqualified drivers):
Weekdays: £124.00
Saturdays: £150.00

To book your practical test call 0300 200 1122 or use the  DVSA Online Booking Service, or to book Online, click here.


Before embarking on your driving career you will need a Provisional Driving Licence. This is obtained by completing a form ‘D1’ and a photo card application form ‘D750’ obtainable from Post Offices and submitting them to DVLA Swansea SA99 1AD. You must be over 17 years of age, 16 if you are in receipt of a mobility allowance.

You must be medically fit and able to read a car registration number plate at 20 metres (66 feet), using glasses or contact lenses, if needed. If you do need glasses or lenses to read the number plate, they must be worn at all times when driving.

For the full, and official, details regarding licensing visit the DVLA Home Page.

When completing the forms, please take care when answering the health and eyesight questions. If you have any health problem, declare it. This will not necessarily bar you from driving, the DVLA will give consideration to the problem, but if it is discovered later, even after you pass your driving test, you could lose your new licence.


The theory test lasts about 40 minutes.

For more information about the theory test, click here.

There are 50 written questions and 14 video clips to watch and spot hazards (15 in total).
The minimum pass mark is 43 correct answers for the written test and a score of 50 for the hazard perception test.
To book your theory test call 0300 200 1122 or use
DVSA Online Booking Service click here.
driving lessons in Bermondsey
driving lessons in Bermondsey